Tectonic Innovations 40mm Grenade Holster


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Tectonic Innovations 40mm Grenade Holster

Tectonic Innovations 40mm Grenade Holster

his holster has been 2 years in the making with numerous versions using different manufacturing techniques. Listening to you and the experts we have come to our latest version now featuring 2mm Kydex.
After rigorous testing we have created the best possible holster to hold your gear. Due to its design the holster will accept lots of different 40mm devices.

Every Kydex holster that leaves us is formed from an in-house designed mould and is manufactured entirely in the UK.

These holsters are manufactured entirely in the UK from genuine 2mm P1 Kydex.

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TAG Rounds

Oshiboom Grenades

Version 3.5

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Black, Green, Tan, Dark Grey, Light Grey


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